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Post articles everyday and train with you every other day. But I can’t ‘baby’ you every single day of your life.

Now, We all know that motivation and inspiration are hot key drivers that will cause you to stay fit for the long term in this bodybuilding game and they both work hand in hand together.

  • Motivation – Usually comes in short bursts and will give you an unforeseen energy rush
  • Inspiration – Often the key driver for that motivation and can actually cause multiple bursts of inspiration over a period of time.

… In general that is.

Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, and I’ll soon reveal some of the best ways to draw inspiration from any situation. But today it’s all about the pictures/ posters/ desktop wallpapers or what ever you like to call the following.

Also known as…

34 Of The Best Bodybuilding Motivational And Inspirational Pictures On The Web

#1 Quadilicious

#2  Don’t Give Up

#3  Uber Drive

#4  You Already Know I Encourage Fitness Fun

#5  R.Kelly Said ‘I Believe I Can Fly’… This Guy Probably Can!

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