Tupac’s real name is Lesane Parish Crooks

Tupac was born on June 16th, 1971 and given the name Lesane Parish Crooks, but 1972 he was renamed Tupac Amaru II after the last Incan emperor.


The last thing that Tupac said was ‘F**k you’

Tupac’s death has some of the best conspiracy theories, which fans absolutely love. One thing that is certain were his last words. In an interview with a Vegas Seven, Chris Carol, a retired police officer described the scene on that evening and revealed that his last words were ‘F**k you’.

Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. were actually friends at one time

Everyone remembers the rift between Tupac and Biggie, but here in this video you can see them actually being rather friendly with one another. I miss Tupac!

Tupac’s ashes were smoked in a blunt

After he was cremated members of his posse, Outlaw Immortalz mixed his ashes with some marijuana and rolled it up in a blunt. Check out all the details on this epic blunt.

Shakur once shot two police officers

Tupac and crew almost hit two police officers and their wives as they were crossing an intersection that somehow evolved into shoot out. Charges were filed and later dropped after it was discovered the officers were drunk, fired first and lied about certain key details of the encounter. You can read more about it here.



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