Below are 5 Tell All Signs that you Live in the Hood. Check em out!

1) You Know 3 Crackheads On A First Name Basis

Crackheads are everywhere but they usually choose to roam around hood areas where connects to their drugs are plentiful. Better yet, if you know 3 crackhea

ds by name and they know yours, well.. you live in the hood.

2) You Collect Rent From Roaches

Roaches can get annoying, but not so much when they actually decide to pay you rent for residing in your crib. Also, If you know a few roaches, then you’re definitely in the hood.
3) You Know A Dealer Named “DJ”

If you’ve ever visited other hoods, you might notice that every hood has AT LEAST one drug dealer named DJ. A little awkward when you realize your dealer’s name is DJ right?
4) You Haven’t Seen A Police Cruiser Or Officer In Over A Month

Ironically, police are supposed to stop crime in streets, especially bad neighborhoods, but a lot of the times, police decide to avoid bad hoods or patrolling how they are supposed to simply because it can get really dangerous, especially for the one-times, because after all, “f*ck the police” -NWA.
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