It may come as no surprise to some that Fox’s new show Empire has quickly become one of the most popular shows on television, but it might surprise you to learn that eighty percent of the show’s ratings comes from the gay community.

The show has followed similar patterns to its equally as gay predecessor Glee by emphasizing totally fabulous music as well as elaborate homoerotic adult situations, most of which are either provided by Luscious’ middle-son Jussie or Terrence Howard’s longing, introspective stares into the camera portraying a man deeply desiring to have sex with himself.

So if you know 10 people and all of them watch Empire. Chances are 8 of them are a part of the Gay Community.

The producer of the show Lee Daniels, himself a gay black man, had this to say regarding the gay community’s support of the show,

“I just wanted to create a show that sort of represents me, my people, and the things we go through. The fact that the gay community has given back so much and made this such a hit means so much.

Now, we just got to hope that the show starts making people gay so that they can make other people gay. People will just keep getting gayer and gayer and the show’s ratings will just keep going up.”


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