You can never, ever, figure out a woman, period. If a woman tells you she hates you, it means she still loves you and wants you to make it up, or it literally means she hates you. If you ask a woman where does she want to eat and she says ‘up to you’ chances are, when you pull up to the restaurant of your choice, she will say ‘no i don’t like it here.’ So here’s a funny ad from WAM Beauty Spa. A husband is trapped underneath a huge rock that fell from a cliff, while the wife is trying to rescue him. Despite all her efforts, the rock doesn’t even budge. So, she decides to pray for help: “God, I’ve never asked for anything before, please..” God shows up and says: “Let me grant you one wish, what shall it be?” You would think that the wife wishes that her husband be saved? Watch to find out..


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