Having your own fashion line isn’t a new development for celebrity kids. In fact, it’s almost a must, we’ve come to expect it. We also see celeb teens working with fashion brands and promoting a certain kind of style. They position themselves as fashion icons and millions of teens around the world try their best to get their look. But how many of them are true fashion icons? How many of them actually have a new vision, or have something new to say?
Jaden And Willow Smith The Teen Fashion Icons2
First let’s think about what does the term “fashion icon” mean and who do we consider to be fashion icons. This question is a bit tricky to answer. There’s no actual definition, but from years of fashion runways and magazine covers we’ve come to understand that a fashion icon is someone that has a style that transcends time, a person whose fashion choices will surprise you, be new and unusual, but also will define that time period.
Jaden And Willow Smith The Teen Fashion Icons

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