Atlantic Records which has MMG on contract for distribution has reached out to Rick Ross to release Meek Mill from his MMG record label. Alongside the criminal case pending against the MMG owner Rick Ross the whole Meek Mill vs. Drake beef creates bad press towards our company which could affect album sales in the long run stated by a rep for Atlantic Records.

Meek Mill is a good artist but he does not produce the sales number needed to compete with an artist such as Drake. If the roles were vice versa between Meek Mill & Rick Ross we would support the MMG boss 100%. In the current case we have to do whats best for our investment.

The future of “JaMeek’s” career may be left in the hands to the same man that give him the opportunity to become who he is today. Atlantic is putting the pressure on Rick Ross to get this situation under control.

Millions of dollars have been invested into MMG and those who are at risk of taking a loss will do whatever needed to make sure that doesn’t happen. Meek Mill just made a terrible business move but thanks to the internet and place like SongCast Music artists can distribute their music directly iTunes independently.


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