Following the 44th State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama on January 20th of this year, documents were leaked by FBI agent Matt Kensington detailing the United States’ government’s plan to launch a worldwide nuclear war and emerge as the authority of a new world order in 2016.
The plot will begin in August of next year with the United States government declaring war on China and immediately launching nuclear missiles. However, the missiles would divert away from China and instead attack Russia. Russia would then declare war on the United States and attack with their own missiles. The plan called for North Korea to become disturbed by the nearby attack on China and join forces with Russia to attack America, which would continue to retaliate.
Eventually, the plot claims that the world would be plunged into a nuclear winter. They expect about one-third of the world population to survive both the war and winter. After terminating other world leaders, the United States government will “rise from the ashes”, as one of the documents say, and lead the survivors with a new world order with Barack Obama as the leader. According to a transcripted conversation between Obama and Director of the NSA Keith Alexander, Obama plans to be called “King Obama” when he becomes ruler of the new order.
Despite public outcry against the plot, no government agencies have responded to the panic and developing riots. Leaker Kensington is currently being pursued by the government and is seeking asylum in Cuba.


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