On a recent trip to Alaska, President Obama took time out of his schedule to make an appearance on the ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’.

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While on the show, Bear Grylls prepared a snack he and the president could share, witch was a half-eaten salmon that an actual bear had left behind. Grylls tells Obama, “Alaska is a land of bear and salmon. We haven’t got bear, but this is for real, I found this on the river bank OK? Don’t freak out too much, but this is half-eaten by a bear.”

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After learning that bears apparently prefer the fat of the fish and not the meat, the commander-in-chief replied, “Why wouldn’t the bear finish this sucker? This looks like a nice lookin’ piece of fish.”

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Obama said that his trip to Alaska was one of the best days of his presidency and admitted to being relieved to be out of the office and out of a suit. The President’s episode of ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ is expected to air some time this autumn.

Watch the video here:

(images/video: Running Wild with Bear Grylls )


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