Brookshire Funeral Parlor in Chicago, Illinois recently became the first independently-owned funeral home to claim over a billion dollars in earnings over just one year of business. The funeral parlor, owned by Chicago residents Gerald and Betty Washington, recently became the first mom and pop funeral home to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Washington’s bought the funeral home from Samuel Brookshire after his son was mowed down in a brutal drive-by shooting while transporting the body of a local gang member to a cemetery only two blocks from the funeral home.

When asked of his business’s success, Brookshire Funeral Parlor owner Gerald Washington had this to say: “Business goes in cycles and right now, business is booming. We had seven more clients walk in yesterday. Some of them rolled in by wheelchair because they had been shot on the way here, but that’s okay because that’s another future client down the road. We’re becoming a staple of everyday life in Chicago. Before the end of the year, we’ll be as big a part of Chicago life as Wrigley Stadium or Kanye West.”


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