A Florida couple Ray “Paw Paw” Tate and his girlfriend Selma B. Withers have been arrested on over twenty counts of fraud this past weekend after a gentleman went to go visit some land Tate had sold him on-line. “I put the address into my GPS and it took me to a point where I couldn’t go any further. I was just stuck driving in a circle,” said the man who thought he was getting a deal on some Florida swampland.

As it turned out, the land Tate and Withers was selling was not in Florida. In fact, it wasn’t in the United States. It wasn’t even overseas. Tate and Withers were selling prime real estate in the Aitken Military Base located on the moon, a real estate scam Tate and Withers had concocted while high on bath salts presumably in order to buy more bath salts.

They are currently both in the county jail on 50,000 bond.


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