imageAaron Sanders aka Black Swann was arrested at Lyndon B. Johnson High School in Houston, Texas for soliciting on school grounds. Sanders’ son, Jamal, attends the school where he is one of the brightest kids in his 9th grade class. Apparently, his father, a 40-year-old car salesman, was attempting to sell his mixtape titled “Swann Song” during his son’s class career day.

Jamal Carter stated,

“dad was supposed to get in front of class and talk about selling cars. He doesn’t really like his job now that he’s turned 40 & mom divorced him. He wants to be the next Jay-Z, but I keep telling him he needs to be realistic. That boat has already sailed. I think this is a phase that he’s going through and hopefully this arrest will sort of be a wake-up call for him.”

He was arrested and charged with Soliciting on school grounds (misdemeanor) and hit with a 5,000 bail. As of yet he hasn’t been able to bond out. We will keep you updated.

Update: During his 36 hour stay in the county jail, Aaron Sanders managed to record two tracks over the phone while having a teardrop tattooed on his face. One track, an inspirational track titled “These Bars Can’t Hold Me” has already been e-mailed to the local radio stations along with a link to Black Swann’s upcoming independent film Swann Consequential. He is expected to return to the Honda dealership tomorrow at eight o’clock.


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