Former YouTube sensation turned international sensation The Weeknd is a truly talented individual. Where does he get it from? Well, DNA analysis this week has been released revealing that the Canadian R&B singer is actually the son of none other than the King of Pop Micheal Jackson. While this explains a lot about the undeniable talent of The Weeknd, it still leaves us with even more questions.

The biggest question: did Micheal Jackson actually have sex? Of course, the pop star was famously accused of pedophilia in the nineties, but many fans have begun to assume that the pop star was merely asexual. Jackson has two children to his name, but most experts assume that they were created in a laboratory or that Jackson reproduced them asexually.
Could it be that The Weeknd is only one of Jackson’s illegitimate offsprings? How many of today’s current and future pop stars could possibly be the heir to the throne if Micheal Jackson truly was BAD? How many Dirty Diana’s were there?


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