As Empire season two is making its’ dashing premier, a new relationship between actor Bryshere Y. Gray, who plays Hakeem Lyon and rap mogul, Jay Z is being fabricated.

In what seems to be a picked story that a DNA analysis had been revealed confirming the fact that Hakeem is indeed, Jay Z’s son has been making rounds on social media. The instigated information also has a concocted story that Byshere’s mother “Donut” Shannon Bryshere was one of Jay-Z’s “ghetto flowers” back in the day when he was selling drugs to help support his musical career. The two distanced themselves from one another after Donut took the fall for a drug charge to keep Jay-Z from going to prison.

A limb of the story also alludes to the fact Jay Z did in-fact confirm that Hakeem was his a son in an acknowledgement, as follows;

“Yea that’s Blue Ivy’s big brother can’t you tell that’s my Genes that gave him his skills. I’m proud of my son I might sign him to Roc Nation if it Makes Sense”

In as much as the stipulated facts seem convincingly real, none of it is in fact real except for the fact the two key names Bryshere Y.Gray and Jay Z. There was no DNA test, Jay-Z never said that Hakeem was his real son, and the story about Jay-Z having a fling with a woman named “Donut” is apocryphal. Jay-z definitely has 99 problems and a son ain’t one.


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