Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim is a 36 year old woman who was about to give birth, and like all mothers only wanted the best for herself and her unborn child.


So instead of a public hospital she opted for a private one in Amman, Jordan; should be fine, right? Wrong.
Her birthing went off without a hitch and the baby was born healthy weighing in at a very good weight, 10.5lbs (or 4.8kg for you metric users). Both mother and child were sent home from the hospital soon after everything was settled, but Hanan knew something wasn’t right. Due to her stomach literally vibrating and bouts of constant pain, she ended up back in the hospital.

She was then rushed to the Al Bashir public hospital’s casualty department by her mother three weeks later, where X-Rays proved something wasn’t as it was supposed to be. There was something in her abdomen that wasn’t supposed to be there, something left behind.

For three weeks her stomach had been carrying around the phone of the man that delivered her baby.

Luckily, the surgeons at the public hospital acted quickly to take out the phone from her body. Due to the scandal some have even been calling for members of the local government to resign. Salim Al Bataynah, Jordanian parliament member stated, “In countries which show respect to their nations, and following such scandals, governments usually resign. The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case”

From the wake of this scandal, JordanianHealth Ministry spokesperson Hatem Al Azrae has previously stated that he believes the story to be a lie, that the story is a ‘baseless and fabricated one’, but also added that it is being looked into by the government regardless.


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