Donald Trump continues to alienate everyone but rich white men in a press conference held today while speaking about the protests from groups holding up signs that say, “Black Lives Matter” in South Carolina where racially-motivated violence continues after several black churches have been burned to the ground after Dylan Roof shot up another church.

Many of the activists have since urged the state to remove its confederate flags from all state buildings.
When asked what he would do about the protests and the issue of racially-motivated violence, Trump simply stated:

“there’s no such thing as racism anymore. We’ve had a black president so it’s not a question anymore. Are they saying black lives should matter more than white lives or Asian lives? If black lives matter, then go back to Africa? We’ll see how much they matter there.”

Afterwards, the normally calm and collected Oprah Winfrey, who Donald Trump said he would run beside in the election if given the opportunity, stated, “the die from that toupee must have seeped into this cracker’s brain and driven him crazy.”


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