11. Don’t rely on gear.

Steroids absolutely work, and I would never pretend otherwise. The problem I see in recent years is in more and more guys thinking that drugs are everything. They don’t train anywhere near as hard as they should or even eat as well, since they figure the gear will take care of any lacking effort in those areas. Put it this way. The guy who puts maximum effort into his training, eating, and rest and uses very moderate amounts of gear will look far better than another lazy slacker using mega doses. Of course, the slacker will simply insist this disparity stems from the first guy using even more shit than he does, even if it’s totally the opposite.

12. Believe you will succeed.

Above all else, you need to believe in yourself and your abilities. Nothing happens until the mind sees it first. Others will try to discourage you and belittle your goals, telling you they are impossible and ridiculous. That’s why you must know in your heart and soul that you will achieve your goals and the physique you want. You need to believe it even if no one else does— especially if no one else does! Bodybuilding is usually thought of as being purely physical, but I found that the mind actually plays the most important role and drives everything else you do. If you want to be huge, you have to think huge!

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