TORONTO – A Toronto teenager has reportedly committed suicide because according to his suicide note, his “hotline never blinged”.

19 year old Teyshaun Fields was found dead in his bedroom floor Friday night. Authorities arrived after Fields’ house after neighbors called 911, reporting unusual activity in Teyshaun’s room through his bedroom window. Toronto police described the scene as “sad”. Toronto police officer Bryan Tanner told reporters: “It was sad, the guy killed himself because his hotline did not bling ever. Apparently the kid loves the song ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake, and was angry that nobody ever called him. For God’s sake why couldn’t make this guy’s hotline, bling? If I had a daughter, I would’ve made her call him”.

Authorities revealed that Teyshaun’s method of suicide was ingestion of a deadly combination of pills, after finding multiple empty pill containers on the floor. Authorities also discovered a suicide note on Teyshaun’s bedroom desk, which read:

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