While the people of the United States mourn those who lost their lives in South Carolina, people attempt to come to some sort of reasoning behind the vile actions committed by Dylan Storm Roof.

Now, new revelations are beginning to emerge that the heinous actions might have been the result of a man’s unrequited love for a black woman named Sonia Vale.

Several of Roof’s friends have begun to make comments regarding Roof’s short love affair with Vale whom for Roof had professed his undying love. However, Vale apparently did not feel the same for the “weird white boy” as she had only gone on one date with him after the two met via Tinder.

Vale said, “there was something off about him and then he told me that his full name was Dylan Storm Roof and I thought that his parents had to be some seriously racist crackers to give their kid the name Storm. I just didn’t think it was going to work out so I just never called him back.”


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