The more we are digging into this story, the more bizarre it gets. The reason could be that it seemingly involves cops, hookers, underage kids and cocaine. How do all these things come together, you ask? Because the cops involved are indeed acting as if they are above the law and are not interested in dealing with the consequences of their actions.

To provide a bit of context, the Palm Beach Sheriff Department is the same department which shot a black man for simply riding his bike in 2013. A PBSO deputy attempted to stop a man for riding his bike. When stopping his cruiser, the deputy shot the man within 4 seconds as the video below shows causing him to be paralyzed.

A series of anonymous posts made on the forum have made the claim and mentioned the details about a private golfing event and party where sheriff deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office ordered at least one hooker to come join them. According to the posts, Major Van Reeth, who is a deputy himself also brought his underage son to the party.

In addition, according to supposed employees of the golf course and comments made on, a pimp delivered the hooker to the party after which both the hooker and the pimp started doing lines of cocaine in the open in front of all the cops present.

The forum is a place where deputies can post anonymously about the corruption inside the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and a series of very graphic pictures were posted from this golfing event.

Website further discussed the bizarre event claiming:
“Cops and Hookers, yeah! Not to mention, Major Van Reeth brought in his underage son (at the time) to join in the good times. Nothing like teaching your child the value of having a skanky prostitute!

The back story from what I heard from the bartender, Gino Defonzo, who took these photos and provided them to us: A pimp brought this prostitute to this private golf event. The pimp and the hooker were doing Cocaine out in the open and the hooker took turns giving “blow jobs” to these cops. I wonder – even the minor? It is unknown if the fellows in the photo were partaking in the Cocaine.”
The forum also has some epic comments related to this party:

“this is taken completely out of context, this woman was playing a round of golf when a gator attacked her,(no it was not Tim Tebow, so don’t comment with juvenile jokes) tore off her clothes and was about to do bodily harm to her until these brave men came to her rescue”

“As a cop, and a frequent poster of this website, I condemn this behavior. They should all have their certifications pulled and be indicted. This behavior is not excusable.”

“Hey Bobby – you get your kid a blowjob out of this? You should get the ‘dad of the year’ award. sick pervert.”

“This is shocking. it makes me wonder about those condoning this behavior. the Sheriff said these officers are free to do what they want in their private lives. really? that is your view on this? no wonder our county is so F’ed up.”

So far there have been no public comments made by PBSO about this incident and no explanation has been provided to the purpose of the cocaine-fueled party and any potential punishment for the deputies involved in the illegal behavior. Some comments posted on suggest that the Sheriff claimed that the deputies are free to do as they wish in their free time. The identities of the people behind the posts are not known, nor is the date when this party took place.


Cops and Hookers – From right to left: MajorVan Reeth of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affair’s Division, his underage son, Jeffrey Van Reeth, (who is currently in the police academy for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office), Joe Van Reeth of the West Palm Beach Police Department and Lou Penque of the WEst Palm Beach Police Department (also serves at the PBA Union treasurer). Special thank you yo Gino DiFonzo for providing us with these photos thst he took.


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