It was reported by this week that former Players Club actress Ronnie is now working the night shift at Walmart in Orlando. Once the news got out, She wrote the following on Twitter:

“It’s funny how ppl make fun about real jobs and former celebrities we r human too and I have a family to provide for. So YES this is what happens when you no longer use what you got to get what you want”

“The biggest joke of all is I get paid way more at Walmart then I ever did as an actress and on time. Now I make the money I don’t let it make me”

“I started taking movie roles to live a dream/make money/tell stories/learn as much as I can to give back to the people”

“Don’t think that this is bitterness or pissed I’m not on TV no more Cuz remember I left the movie business they didn’t leave me.”

“I’m still a fan of Player’s Club and I get royalty checks and Having more fun then I’ve ever had There’s a lot of lies going around its just time ppl heard the #truth”


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