We went through Drake and Future’s new album to find every time Drake dissed Meek Mill.

Drake and Future dropped a new joint album on Sunday night. Given Drake’s recent lopsided beef with Meek Mill, you could’ve expected a few references to the Philly MC on the album.

And sure enough Drake seemed to take some shots at Meek Mill. Now he never comes out and explicitly names Meek Mill, but it seems like the following lines are directed at him.

So we combed through the entire album to find every instance where Drake is probably dissing Meek Mill.

1. Digital Dash

“I might take Quinten to Follies”

Quentin Miller was the alleged ghost writer, so Drake is going to reward him for making him the most talked about rapper after the Meek Mill beef. Follies is apparently a strip club in Atlanta.

2. Big Rings

“This game is different, you only get one shot when n–gas gon’ foul on you”

Meek Mill dropped a single diss track after Drake dropped two. Meek Mill’s diss was widely regarded to be awful, and he has basically faded away from the beef since the hip hop community named Drake the winner. Drake saying he will “foul on you” basically suggesting he’ll go in hard when he disses Meek Mill.

Future also sent a few jabs on this track:

You just a battle rapper, Niggaz talking subliminal that’s just jibber jabber.

3. Live From The Gutter

It looks like Drake didn’t sneak in a diss aimed at Meek Mill on this track.

4. Diamonds Dancing

This song is about a relationship, looks like Meek Mill avoided being dissed on this track too.

5. Scholarships

“Mail comin’ to the house, n–gaplease, watch your mouth / I’m the one without a doubt, yeah”

This track doesn’t have an obvious Meek Mill diss, but this one seems like it could be open for interpretation. One way to view it is Drake warning Meek Mill about opening his mouth again and declaring himself as “the one.”

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