Recently in Rotterdam, Netherlands, a designer named Daan Roosegaarde unveiled to the world the results of three years of research and development; The largest air purifier ever constructed.


The tower cleans the air of pollution from more than 30,000 cubic metres of air per hour, and then condenses the fine particles of smog into tiny ‘gem stones’ that can be used to make rings, cufflinks, and more.


Each stone is produced when the purifier has cleaned 1,000 cubic metres of air. The designer says that when you buy a ring, “you donate a thousand cubic meters of clean air to the city where the Smog Free Tower is.”


The project has been in the works for more than 2 years, when the Dutch designer first publicly announced the project, which was originally planned for Beijing after the city’s mayor endorsed the idea.


Daan and his team have spent the past few years developing the first prototype in Rotterdam, where it was finally unveiled early this month. “It’s really weird that we accept [pollution] as something normal, and take it for granted,” said Roosegaarde.

The 23ft tall, white, oblong shaped tower—slatted with louvres protecting its electronic innards—will still eventually make its way to Beijing, which is notorious for its smog problem. It will also be taking a trip to Mumbai and Paris, and possibly other cities (you can suggest your own city by using the project’s hashtag on Twitter). a4

To fund its travels around the globe, the studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can purchase the jewelry produced by the machine. The gems could become diamonds if they were compressed with extreme pressure.

Roosegaarde explains how it works: “By charging the Smog Free Tower with a small positive current, an electrode will send positive ions into the air. These ions will attach themselves to fine dust particles. A negatively charged surface -the counter electrode- will then draw the positive ions in, together with the fine dust particles. The fine dust that would normally harm us, is collected together with the ions and stored inside of the tower. This technology manages to capture ultra-fine smog particles which regular filter systems fail to do.”

Video of the air purifier:

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