Harvard University Building Evacuated After Bomb Threat
WASHINGTON: Three classroom buildings and a dormitory at Harvard were evacuated Monday afternoon because of a possible bomb threat.

Harvard University officials posted a warning on Web site:

“An unconfirmed bomb threat has been received. The Science [Center], Sever, Emerson, and Thayer Halls are being evacuated. More info to follow.”

Shortly before 1 pm, the university announced on its Web site:

“As most of you are now aware, we received an unconfirmed bomb threat affecting the Science Center, as well as Sever, Emerson and Thayer Halls on the Cambridge campus. The buildings have been evacuated and law enforcement officials are on scene. Entry to the Yard is restricted. We will provide updates as soon as we have additional information.”

Spokespeople for the university and the Cambridge Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for information.

The Harvard Crimson reported that the same four buildings were threatened nearly two years ago, a threat that was later determined to be unfounded.

We will keep you informed as we receive more information.


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