A video has been posted of a hilarious, little toddler scared of her own shadow as she tries to outrun it.

Source: Screen Capture - Mike Jacobs
Source: Screen Capture – Mike Jacobs

The little child is only 15 months old. Her mother, Sharain Jacobs, noticed while taking her child outside, that her daughter was afraid of her own shadow. At the time, she did not have her phone ready and did not capture the incident.

After a little more play time outside in the parking lot, the mother had her phone out ready just in case the little one saw a glimpse of her own shadow.

Jackpot! The toddler did indeed happen to see her shadow once again. Check out the hilarious battle between the toddler and shadow below.

Source: Facebook Video – Mike Jacobs

That may have been quite a good laugh for us, but that baby sure wasn’t having a fun time. Baby = 0. Shadow = 1. Let the war begin.


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