In a long and amusing article in The Guardian, Tim Lewis takes a look at efforts to create male contraception, efforts that go all the way back to the 5th century BC (and a successful method that involved men soaking their testicles in scalding hot water).

Lewis notes that there have been many attempts by scientists to create a male birth control pill in recent years, but many of those attempts fizzled out. Sometimes the underlying science just wasn’t there, but sometimes chauvinistic ideals about contraception and how much effort men wanted to put into it led to a lack of funding and support.

But there is definitely interest in a male birth control pill, as shown by survey results (55% of men across four continents said they would be interested in such a pill, according to one 2005 survey) and the numerous ongoing attempts by western scientists to crack that nut (as it were). But their most promising efforts are still many years, if not decades, off from bringing a product to market. And it looks like Indonesia is poised to beat them all to the punch.

As mentioned before, it’s likely that the pill will be released in Indonesia long before other countries, which Lewis says will likely lead “some eager men… to find ways to import the pills direct from Indonesia.”

While possibilities for exporting the pill would probably be great, there is a definite need for them in Indonesia, which faces a potential population crisis in the near future due to a lack of family planning programs and education after the end of the New Order era (one of the few things that Suharto actually got right).

Those gendarussa capsules may be a much easier pill for men to swallow in Indonesia and other countries where condoms have the unfortunate stigma of being attached to western sexual liberalism (i.e. “free love”).

Indonesia is about to unleash a family planning solution that is herbal, non-hormonal, non-invasive, temporary, has no known side effects and is entirely Asian in origin. And it’s just for men. What kind of effect do you think it’s going to have on the world? Join the discussion on our Facebook page and let us know what you think

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