Tattooed men were surprised when they were turned away from sperm banks last week following the circulation of a new report on the connection between sterility and body art.

According to urologist Chase Beemer, who led the study, the carrier of pigments in tattoo ink is to blame for sterility. “Glycerine, when introduced to the body, travels through the bloodstream and to the testes, where it blocks hormone receptors responsible for the production of sperm. We have a few theories, but we aren’t sure why it doesn’t affect women and their ovaries.”

When asked if there was a way to repair the damage caused by glycerine, Chase replied, “Not that we can tell.”
Following the publication of the team’s report on the ink used in tattoos, sperm banks and fertility clinics have been turning away men adorned with the body art, leading to confusion among many. One man claimed that California Cryobank asked him to leave without so much as an explanation, stirring unrest and hostility between ex-donors who relied on the money from donations and the clinics themselves.

Study is expected to continue on the connection between glycerine and sterilization, but it is unclear how much more information can be offered by the few leads the team has left.


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