Socialite, internet star, and instagram sensation Welven “Deez Nuts” Harris announced his candidacy for president in 2016 today, becoming the second official candidate to declare after Senator Ted Cruz.

The news broke when Welven tweeted this morning,

“I want to fix this country like I fixed my face its all about #WelvenDeezNutsForPresident”

“Fixin is a technique that gives shape to an area of the United States and enhances the world structure through Instagram,” explains Welven’s internet manager and best friend Julius Williams. “Fixing is his version of Obama’s change. I think it’s kinda genius cause it’s more realistic. Welven’s not saying he’s going to actually make a difference, he’s just saying he’s going to make things look nicer.”

While Welven is not a governor or senator and never attended law school, he does have a brand and name recognition with 1.2 million followers on Instagram, more followers than President Obama had before he entered office. Welven released a statement saying:

“If anybody knows how to gain followers and get votes its me I got a million in a week, who ain’t got no followers?”


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