Stupidity at its finest. All he had to do was smother the flames at ANY point, not move it around and feed it with oxygen while trying to smash it out. That’s now how fire works dummy.
Pro tip, when you’re in your house and something gets too hot to hold don’t drop it on the ground where apparently there is garbage and paper.

Breaking down the bad …. if you watch at 2:06 and before, he is pouring lighter fluid all over a new permanent match he got online (accounts the boxes everywhere). The permanent matches have a flint starter and wick which he was struggling to light. 1) he is smoking while he squirts lighter fluid all over his hands and tissue paper 2) he was wiping up the lighter fluid with tissues … He puts the permanent lit match which works with a wick into said bag of lighter fluid soaked paper to his right … the bag of paper IS NOT the best place to put it and then turn his back.


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