COLUMBUS, OH | The parents of a deceased young man are suing their son’s girlfriend because they claim her “over-jealous” cat killed their son, reports the Ohio Telegram this week.

The family are suing for 10,000 dollars to cover for the funeral costs and “just plain want the animal dead”.

The autopsy of the young man clearly showed the involvement of the young woman’s cat in the death of their son as the victim is described as having suffered from suffocation, as well as deep claw marks found embedded in the man’s skin tissue and abnormal quantities of cat hair in the man’s oesophagus clearly link the cat to the death of the victim, revealed the detailed coroner’s report.

“I never liked that cat, with his mischievous look, I just never trusted the damn creature” the victim’s mom told reporters. “I just can’t believe the darn beast killed our little Billy” she cried out, covering her tear-ridden face. “I just want the damn animal dead for Billy’s sake” she added in agony.

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