Security is high around the morgue where the body is being held
Officials in Mexico say that they have killed a Mexican drug lord El Chapo who was reported to have escaped only weeks ago.

Joaquín El Chapo Guzman, known as El Chapo – Shorty – was the founder of the Sinaloa cartel and regarded as the spiritual leader of its offshoot, the brutal Knights Templar.

Police said he was finally tracked down and riddled with bullets in Juarez.

“From a fingerprint analysis we have confirmed 100% that this was Joaquín Guzman,”

said Thomas Mendoza, the head of investigations at the federal prosecutor’s office.
Government security spokesman Alejandro Reyes said security officials had been tracking Guzman for some time.

“Anonymous tips indicated that El Chapo Guzman was not only hiding, but continued operating at the head of a criminal group conducting extortion, kidnapping, cocaine trafficking and other crimes,” he said at a news briefing in Mexico City.

“This person was known as dangerous,” he said, with police believing he had committed multiple murders since his reported death.

Mr. Mendoza said Guzman was stopped by police on Sunday morning in the village of Tumbiscatio in Juarez.

“When he was asked to turn himself in, he opened fire and was riddled with bullets and killed,”

he said.

Guzman, was the founder of the Deadly Sinaloa cartel, which dominated the drugs trade in Mexico but is believed to have been severely weakened by his reported death.

Its breakaway group, the Knights Templar – know for its brutality and its use of religious imagery – subsequently took over many of the cartel’s operations and runs much of the methamphetamine production and trafficking in the west of Mexico.’s Mexico correspondent William Folks says Guzman’s killing is a second major success for the government’s campaign against the drugs trade within a month.

He was one of Mexico’s most-wanted men and had been on the run since escaping a high-security prison in tunnel hidden beneath his cell.
Some 60,000 people have died across Mexico since 2006 when the previous government under Felipe Calderon deployed the military against the drugs gangs.


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