They say, “Clothes make the man.” What’s true in life is true in death. Case in point:
Kanye West unveiled his Walking Dead zombie wardrobe, which reveals as much about each zombie’s back story as any gaping wounds do. In this new edgy trendy line he will have everyone looking half dead but still very much alive.

Kanye Released a statement saying:

“Yall saw what I did with the yeezys and all my other lines out in Paris, now watch me Knock em Dead with this, and yea bruh this is Ralph”

We have been told that Kim Kardashian-West is fully supporting her husband and plans to wear a signature piece of his new line on her hit show Keeping up with the Kardashian’s to give it the most exposure.

Kylie Jenner saw the samples for the new clothing line and simply stated

“My Brother in Law will be the next Versace, he’s a GENUIS”


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