Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin spent a lot of time hanging out together in the eighties and nineties as the rap duo Kid n Play, but recently the two have revealed that it was more than just a love of hip-hop that they shared. Almost two decades after their first album, the combo has revealed to the media that they have been secret lovers all this time.

After the announcement that gay marriage is legal in all fifty states, Reid and Martin announced to the world that they were in fact planning on tying the knot sometime next year. The event is already being touted as the biggest house party of 2016 as their love will be celebrated by several other hip-hop acts from that time including Kriss Kross and Skee Lo.

Play explained briefly how it all began:

“Me and Kid used to practice dance moves and then he started playing around with my Ass, and that led to us falling in love but we just kept it quiet”

Besides their B-List hip-hop celebrity wedding, the couple also plans on releasing a sex tape to correspond with the event. Not much is known about the tape at this time except the title. Kid n Play in Ass Act will hit stores in February of 2016.


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