According to President Rodrigo Duterte, the cartels from South America are operating their illegal business in the Philippines.

They are smarter and innovative in delivering illegal drugs than the other local syndicates operating in the Philippines and one of their methods are hiding the illegal drugs inside their car tires.


This is an example how smart the South American drug syndicates are, hiding the illegal drugs inside their tires is one of the most advanced way to ship drugs inside the borders of North America. This photo was not taken in the Philippines.

According to some experts, the smell of the rubber tires are more stronger than the drugs that they are hiding inside it, so its difficult to the sniffing dogs to detect it.

Authorities said that this kind of methods is possibly using right now by the drug syndicates in the Philippines to ship the illegal drugs to their customers. Some Netizens also said that this kind of method is already used a long time ago in their place.



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