Socialite, reality television star, and fashion mogul Kim Kardashian announced her candidacy for president in 2016 today, becoming the second official candidate to declare after Senator Ted Cruz.

The news broke when Kim tweeted this morning, “I want to contour this country like I contour my face #KimKardashianForPresident.”
“Contouring is a technique that gives shape to an area of the face and enhances the facial structure through makeup,” explains Kim’s make-up artist and best friend Joyce Bonelli. “Contouring is Kim’s version of Obama’s change. It’s think it’s kinda genius cause it’s more realistic. Kim’s not saying she’s going to actually make a difference, she’s just saying she’s going to make things look nicer.”
Kardashian’s unorthodox announcement comes only a day after her brother Robert compared her to “the b*tch from Gone Girl” on Instagram. And weeks after she changed her hair color from her signature chestnut locks, to platinum blonde.
While Kardashian is not a governor or senator and never attended law school,, she does have brand and name recognition with 30.3 million followers on twitter, more followers than President Obama had before he entered office. The only presidential requirement is being American born and over 35 years old. The latter Kardashian has a hard time admitting that she will turn this October, which makes her eligible to run.
“Kardashian’s candidacy is a smart move as she seems to have their hands in all things America: TV, fashion even video games,” said Junior White House Correspondent John Jackson. “Kardashian is also a unique candidate as she’d be the first to run for office after having a public scandal, instead of having one in office like Nixon or Clinton.”
Which then leaves the question of Kanye. If Kim were elected that would make her husband Kanye West the “first gentleman”, a role that has not yet existed.
“I think it’s revolutionary that Kim is running for office,” said Kanye on a WRES radio interview yesterday. “Have you seen my bae in a pantsuit? Damn.”
Of course Kim’s announcement is causing some uproar, while most appear to be more welcoming to the reality TV star running than the announcement of Ted Cruz’s candidacy, there is still some doubt that Kim will know what do in office.
“This is clearly a publicity stunt,” said Senior White House Correspondent Sandra Woods. “Anyone who actually thinks Kim would make a good president is out of their mind and should be deported. A vote for Kim would be a vote for the whole Kardashian Klan, can you imagine what her mother would do to the Oval Office?”
Kim’s mother Kris Jenner will be her campaign manager. “We are thrilled to announce my run – I mean – my daughter’s run for presidency,” said Jenner on The View this morning. “The future is bright. We’d be making history. Never before has a reality TV show taken place inside the White House! A vote for Kim is a vote for the future. You can pick up Kim’s campaign shirts at a Dash store near you!”


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