Lebron James Says “My plan is to make the bald head a thing of the past. Michael Jordan is retired, so we should retire his hairstyle also.”

It appears that LeBron James has embraced the slow disappearance of his hairline. Zay of www.MapeNation.com reports that LeBron James has officially signed on to endorse Hair Club for Men, for what appears to be a pretty lucrative deal.

“I just got tired of hiding my hairline with a headband,” said Lebron. “Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player of all time and he had a similar problem in his early years in the league. He resolved his problem by shaving his head completely bald.  I’m not doing that.”

King James’ hair has been the butt of many jokes and memes over the past few years. It appears the greatest basketball player on the planet has become a bit bothered by people poking fun at his hair.


“It’s frustrating that so many people respect me on the court, but don’t respect my hairline,” he explained with teary eyes, “Hair Club for Men is going to change that.”

Sources, who chose to remain anonymous, reported the endorsement deal to be worth in excess of $80 million. It includes free lifetime hair transplants at Lebron’s sole discretion. Hair Club for Men declined to comment on the deal, but did acknowledge an agreement was reached with LeBron James.

Michael Jordan set a trend by shaving his hair bald. Kids everywhere wanted to be just like his “Airness,” including mimicking his signature bald hairstyle.  It was not long after that when bald heads became the new “cool” thing to do. With so many fans worldwide, and with LeBron holding a status in today’s NBA similar to MJ in his hey day, it is not completely implausible for Lebron to become a trendsetter in hair restoration. It has always been a bit of a taboo in black culture, but James is looking to change that.


Lebron revealed he was in talks with former teammate and current Chicago Bulls forward, Carlos Boozer, to also join the club. “I had a talk with Boozer, and basically told him he doesn’t have to paint his hairline on anymore. My plan is to make the bald head a thing of the past. Michael Jordan is retired, so we should retire his hairstyle also.”

When asked about any parting comments on Hair Club for Men, Lebron paused for a moment then started grinning and said, “I may not be the president of Hair Club for Men…but I’m definitely a client!” CONTINUE READING


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