A married man from San Diego has reportedly committed suicide after he caught his prostitute girlfriend with another man. reports that Jeremy Koch, an agricultural extension officer in the ministry of agriculture, took his live by drinking some poisonous substance.
Bruce Lane, the police spokesperson, confirmed the incident that happened last week. He added that Koch had earlier warned his girlfriend to stop sleeping with other men and vowed to do something bad if she did not stop.

Jeremy called on people to seek counselling from elders, churches or police if they have serious disputes or problems.

Sources revealed that before committing suicide, Koch burnt all the property in the house he had rented for the sex worker and was arrested and charged with malicious injury to property.

He told the judge just before his release:

“I met her on the Hoe Stroll and I thought I could save her from that life but I was wrong, she’s addicted to being a Whore”

After his release, the man reportedly went home and he drank poison there. He was rushed to the hospital where he died in the early hours of the following day.


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