A story that appeared in The San Francisco Globe about how one man caught his cheating wife in the act is going viral.

The man had the feeling and saw many indicators that his wife had begun to cheat on him so he decided to throw her a “surprise” birthday with her family and friends.

Here is the text of the story as told by the husband:

“So I had a feeling she was cheating as she set off a lot of red flags,” said the man. “Constantly laughing and smiling when texting, saying it was just her mother when I asked.”

“Needing to stay late every night after work, when I’d call in her co-workers said she left hours ago.”

“When I asked her what was going on she’d laugh it off and say it was just something they did to each other at the office all the time.”

Continuing to see signs of infidelity, the man decided to catch her in the act on her birthday, inviting her unknowing family and friends along.

“You see after asking her what she wanted to do on her birthday this year she was rather insisted on me going out of town with my friends as she just had to work anyways and didn’t want to be reminded she was aging,” the man said.

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