Meek Mill was arrested Tonight after a Georgia State Trooper smelled a strong odor of marijuana as the tour bus occupied by the MMG artist rolled up a rest stop on I-75. Five squad cars arrived on scene within a matter of minutes and one of those vehicles included a K-9 unit. Over 1000 grams of high quality marijuana was taken from the bus that had over 15 passengers including Meek Mill. Troopers on scene say majority of passengers on the tour bus was high & drunk above legal limit. 8 of the 15 passengers including Meek Mill was taken in to custody.

Meek Mill was in possession of a concealed weapon along with 1000 grams of marijuana found in a plastic freezer bag inside of a Nike shoe box. Meek Mill was only passenger on bus facing criminal charges. All others are being held for 8 hours until they sober up. This has not been a good month for the MMG artist. Everybody get your FREE Meek Mill shirts ready again.
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