“If he can beat me one on one in the ring, he can have my sloppy seconds”

Only several months removed from Mayweather and Pacquiao and the next big prize fight is here. Rappers Meek Mill and Drake have been in the news quite a bit as they’ve engaged in beef over the mic for the last month. After being embarrassed lyrically, Meek Mill has done what every man humiliated by a rival would do. He has challenged the Canadian rapper Drake to a physical boxing match.

During their battle of words, Drake claimed to have known Meek Mill’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj intimately.

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Apparently, the beef between the two along with the allegations, Meek Mill has taken an exception to Drake’s claim.
Attempting to up the ante, Meek Mill has made a stipulation for the boxing match where Drake can have Minaj all to himself if he were to beat him inside the ring. For Meek Mill, he probably better be a better boxer than he is a battle rapper.


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