“I’m tired of this sh*t, the only way I can sell like Drake is to start singing so f**k it I’m changing my name to the Meeknd, its all autotune from here on out, said an obviously frustrated Meek.”

This whole beef started with a tweet and then just spinned out of control.
It’s obvious that Meek Mill is jealous of the Mega pop star success drake has been having and wants to find a way to compete.
An anonymous source in Meeks camp says, the bul drawlin talkin bout he bout to sing but you call drake fake? Maybe he need to wake up and stop dreaming. But hey he signed to Officer Ricky so you can’t get no faker than that”. It’s like this whole Nicki thing done went to his head, he aint tryna put out Chino or Omelly he hoggin all the spotlight. They ain’t know that when you sign with Dream Chasers its all a Dream and you stay sleep”.

Meek is going against his best advisors and old heads by going forward with the whole singing thing and doesn’t care he wants to compete with Drake to keep Nicki.
He has been in the studio working on strictly relationship based material and he won’t stop until he gets Drakes spot.

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