“I thought my diss was good enough I sold crack in these streets when wheelchair Jimmy was on T.V. how can they hate me? I just don’t understand I’m confused please help me figure this out” said a suicidal Meek Mill pleading to Farrakhan.

As of late its getting ugly for the Meekster as even politicians are weighing in on his diss response to drake.

In the confessional interview, Meek Mill and Minister Farrakhan discuss Meek’s upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness, the origins of his beef with Drake and the complicity of the public in fanning the flames of the rivalry.

Farrakhan has mediated rappers’ beefs before — he negotiated a calming of tempers between Ice Cube and Common when the two were trading barbs on wax several years ago.

“I just don’t understand how my fans can turn on me like this?, I mean he from Toronto that ain’t real I just want it all to go away I can’t take it no more, says Meek”

We will keep you updated on the status as this story develops.
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