For those not current, Safaree Samuels is the hypeman/ ex-lover of female hip-hop sensation Nicki Minaj who only weeks earlier confirmed that she and Samuels had parted ways. She then confirmed that she had in fact begun seeing fellow hip-hop star the now departed Meek Mill.
“I suspect that Mr. Samuels had in fact murdered or at least had someone do it, but seeing that Safaree merely repeated people on stage, I suspect he probably did it himself. Maybe, he had a crackhead do it for him. Either way, a hypeman can’t afford a serious hitman,” said Hermano.

Detective Hermano then went on to say, “also, Mr. Samuels posted a video on youtube stating he was going to murder Mr. Mill. There were also some facebook posts he made where he pretty much told us he did it.”

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