“I just wanna know, who does Drake think he’s playing with? He’s ruining the ticket sales for me and my girls tour, if I let this keep going on she might leave me, f** all that I’m taking him and the whole OVO to court” said a frustrated meek mill to Folks 29 news.

Meek Mill is starting to get really desperate as he files a lawsuit in Federal Court against Drake for defamation of character after using the Meek Mill memes at his concert. The ‘Wanna Know’ rapper claims he never gave Drake permission to use his likeness for profit.

Drake released a statement saying:

“First his trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers, now after he’s on tour and they boo, his ass wanna sue, did he forget that I’m Jewish? these dream chasers must really be dreaming if they think they can beat me in court”


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