We all remember the original Hulk from the classic 1970s TV series, right? Well, get ready to meet the real-life Iranian Hulk who would have eaten the comic book character for breakfast. Whatever you do, don’t make Hulk angry … you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

34d8200000000000Sajad Gharibi Instagram
The Iranian Hulk
24-year-old Iranian Sajad Gharibi weighs more than 350 pounds, which is practically all muscle, as you can see from this photo.


Sajad Gharibi Instagram
Massive Social Media
He has nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, all of whom have dubbed him the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules.

54d8200000000000Sajad Gharibi Instagram
The Ultimate Poser
So what else can a gargantuan of God-like proportions do to keep his followers coming back for more? It’s simple. He poses and takes photos of what he does best, showing off the positive results of his weight training.



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