East Rutherford — In a bit of an ironic scenario, football player Michael Vick was attacked by a pack of Pitbulls as he left MetLife Stadium during off season training camp.

The 37-year-old quarterback was leaving the stadium after visiting with his new team’s management, when a pack of stray pitbulls suddenly darted towards him. Onlookers say the dogs gave chase as Vick attempted to use some of his classic juke moves to avoid it. Unswayed by Vick’s attempts to elude him, the dogs locked onto his left thigh. The dog shook violently back and forth while locked on to Vick’s leg.

According to numerous bystanders, Vick let out high-pitched screams of agony as the dog continued to attack him. The dog was successfully pried from the veteran quarterbacks leg after an agonizing 5 minutes.

Michael Vick was treated at a nearby hospital, and received over 45 stitches. Vick will undergo an MRI on Monday to determine if there is any internal damage. It is unknown if the QB will be ready for next season, which is set to begin in August.CONTINUE READING
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