We were able to connect with and interview (through Facebook chat) the California woman who beat up her son for stealing her acid.

Me: Thanks for agreeing to talk.

Mother: Yeah, this is cool.
Me: Now how old is your son, Jaynson?

Mother: 27-years-old. But he still be livin off his mommas chesticles.

Me: How did this all go down?

Mother: I trip on acid every day. No lie. I take it when I’m drinking my morning Sprite and eating my Captain Crunch and smoking my lady cigarettes. I got all my breakfast ready and I went to the drawer where I keep my acid and it gone. So I yell to Jayson, you steal my acid you little muthaf***a? He says, Not steal, Just borrow. I’m thinkin how you borrow somebody’s acid? You can’t give it back. What he think he gonna wee wee in a cup and I’m gonna drink it and get high?

Me: This is where you beat him up?

Mother: I ran to the back of the house and he was listening to that Floyd Pink in his bedroom. He’s half white, so I think that diarrhea white music he like come from his caucasian side. But he be trippin hard. Eyes all wide like he seein psychedelic. I tried to smother him with a coat, but he wiggle out of that and he run and I catch him. I just start beatin in his face. I’m yelling you get your own acid, don’t steal my acid, you cryin monkey. So I drag him outside and I hit him in the head with a rock and knock his head out. I dig a hole and put him in it and when he wake up only his head stickin out of the ground. And he crying and I’m laffing. Neighbor kids came by and dumped milk on him.

Me: And you were arrested, I understand.

Mother: Yeah. They lock me up, but my boy friend post bail. I told the police why. He stole my acid. But they wouldn’t arrest him or nothing.

Me: Where is your son now? Is he okay?

Mother: Last I saw he sleepin in the backyard.

Me: Interesting story. Thanks for talking to us.

Mother: Can you please put up a pretty picture of me? Not my mug? I got one here.

Me: Sure.


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