Nicki Minaj is usually known for being fearless in her speech, but this time the rapper/pop star might have bitten off more than she can chew as it has been reported that Minaj could be seen crying after being banned from the MTV VMA Awards after a rather nasty verbal assault on VMA Host Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus had made an off-handed, if not fairly accurate, comment about Minaj in an interview with the New York Times so Minaj decided to confirm the comment by doing exactly what Cyrus accused her of doing in the interview when she put Cyrus on blast live at the awards show. Now, reports are coming out that Minajis extremely upset about being banned for her behavior to the point where some are saying that she was even in tears which no one really even thought Minaj was capable of producing.

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One of the people backstage said,

“she was whimpering saying things like ‘what am I going to do without an VMA?’ and ‘this is the only chance I’ll get to take a picture with the cast of Teen Wolf.’ She was visibly shaken.”

With that being said, one can assume that it won’t be long before Minaj picks up the microphone to make an apology to either MTV or Miley Cyrus in order to make amends with the company before next year’s MTV VMA Awards Show.

One of Nicki’s Barbies was very upset and said:

“So Kanye can snatch the mic from Taylor Swift and nothing happens but Nicki gets the boot?, this is some bullsh** Nicki should sue MTV and I’m not watching the awards ever again! #teamnicki”



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