“I told that Bitch to keep my name out her Motherfu*** mouth ole boney ass Ho, tryna throw shade on my boo Meek, she knew that ass whooping was coming”

Said Nicki to TMZ reporters backstage at the VMA’s.

It all started with an interview where Miley was throwing shade at Nicki but it all came to a head backstage when Miley yelled out “Make sure you hit em with the Pre-Nup” then Ms. Minaj hit her with a two piece combo and body slammed Miley Cyrus and she was rushed to the hospital with a concussion.

A bystander who saw the whole fight says:

“Nicki wasn’t playing no games she squared up but Miley kept saying sorry I didn’t mean it and Nicki hit her with a two piece grabbed her and bodyslammed her to the floor, we all thought she was dead, I mean she literally hit the ground like a wrecking ball”

Miley Cyrus reportedly said as she was led away on a stretcher:

“I don’t wanna be black no more after this, I’m filing a restraining order against that crazy Bi***, she would have never came at Lil Kim like this”

There is a video of the incident but Miley’s lawyers had threatened to file a lawsuit if it is leaked because it will ruin her image.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.


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