Did the Drake-Meek Mill rap war claim a major casualty? Meek might have lost more than just the rap battle, as Nicki Minaj has reportedly dumped her bae!
Uh-oh. Things are reportedly not good between Nicki Minaj, 32, and Meek Mill, 28. While Meek was busy with his feud with Drake, 28, he supposedly didn’t notice that his relationship with Nicki was falling apart. The two have split, according to a new report. The question now: was Drizzy to blame?

Nicki reportedly ended her relationship with Meek on July 30, according to a report. Yikes! Though Nicki and Meek allegedly called it quits, they reportedly are still on “good terms” with each other and will fulfill their remaining tour dates together. Uh, awkward.

Did Drake’s diss verse trash not just Meek, but his relationship as well? “It’s complicated,” a source told, explaining that they think Nicki and Meek “took their relationship too far, too fast.” The source reportedly refused to say whether or not Meek’s beef with Drake had anything to do with this alleged split, but EXCLUSIVELY learned it has put a strain on them.
Is this the end of Meek and Nicki? has reached out to reps for the two in order to confirm whether or not these two are still together. We’ll keep you updated.

Meek may have started the war but he may have come out the loser, if he and Nicki broke up. He first dissed Drake by accusing him of not writing his own verses. Drake shot back with an Instagram post and it was on! Meek might have apologized for his diss but Drake was having none of it, releasing the “Charged Up” diss track. Yikes – Drake wasn’t done with just one song. He released a second song, “Back to Back,” slamming Meek and Nicki as well. Meek shot back with a diss track of his own, but both Drake (and the rest of the Internet) laughed off what they though was a weak retort.

It looks like Drake’s having the last laugh, So Folks, Do you think Nicki and Meek split up? If so, do you think it was over Drake or something more?


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